Holland Backup 1.0.10 Available

Posted on Wed 31 July 2013 by Holland Core Team

We are pleased to announce the release of Holland 1.0.10. This version squashes a number of bugs and also offers up a few new features, which include:

Purge On Demand

Purge on demand is a new option that, if set, causes Holland to purge old backups in order to make space for a new backup as opposed to failing due to lack of space.

Additional Options For Compression Plugins

Custom options can now be specified for to the underlying compression command. This was added to support explicit flags, such as gzip --rsyncable or pigz --processes N.

Routines and Events Now Default for mysqldump

mysqldump will now use the --routines and --events options by default if the version of MySQL supports these features.

mysqldump: Now With More Failure

The mysqldump plugin will now fail by design if it detects that no databases are to be backed up. This often indicates a configuration issue (such as insufficient backup user privileges).

The new version is available as both a tarball and via the OpenSUSE repositories:

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hollandbackup.org is now in the Rackspace Cloud!

Posted on Thu 09 August 2012 by Holland Core Team

docs.hollandbackup.org is now hosted as a static site in Rackspace Cloud Files and hollandbackup.org has been moved to a next-gen Rackspace Cloud Server. This should provide better response times and more reliable access to Holland resources.

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Holland DEBs now available for Ubuntu 11.10

Posted on Fri 28 October 2011 by Tim

It was requested to offer DEBs for Ubuntu 11.10 which are now available here. Sorry we were a bit reactive in this regard, but they are available now so enjoy!

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New Landing Page

Posted on Thu 16 June 2011 by Tim

As you may have noticed, we have switched our landing page over to a blog based format. Previously, we simply used our wiki as our main page. We realized, however, that while the wiki is wonderful, it is not best suited for announcements, updates, and general distribution of news about the Holland Backup project. So here we are! Expect more frequent updates about the Holland Backup project to be found here in the near future.

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Ramping Up to 1.1.0

Posted on Mon 06 June 2011 by Holland Core Team

Last month another CodeJam was held to work on the 1.1 branch of Holland and we are happy to report that it was a fairly good success. Most of the main plugins have been ported over to the new API. The API itself has been retooled to make things a bit more pluggable. Of note was the changes made to the compression mechanisms paving the way for additional stream plugins (including encryption). Testing has also been greatly improved in the 1.1 branch.

Wanna check it out? Head over to the Amsterdam branch on GitHub!

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